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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Our doors are the result of a valuable synthesis of design, advanced processing systems and accurate finishings that make them furnishing of a contemporary house. Our production includes both standard and out of standard models with a large choice of woods and colors to satisfy the different needs of furnishings. Our wide range of doors is grouped into 7 collections each with specific characteristics that distinguishes it.


The doors of this collection have clean and essential lines that make them suitable to be simply combined to any type of furnishings. They are smooth, double paneled, blind or glass with solid edges, veneered with different woods.


The doors of this collection are suitable for young and contemporary furnishing and can offer different aesthetic solutions through the veneer drawing. They are smooth, double paneled, with solid edges and with the possibility of customization by the customer.


The doors of this collection are suitable for classic and elegant furnishing and they are synonymous of strength since the inside of the panel is made by wooden strips, lateral rabbets and glazing beads are made of solid wood.


The doors of this collection reinterprets classical contemporary forms of the past, giving prominence to the colors. They are double paneled in MDF, pantographed or engraved also on customer's drawing.


The doors of this collection are designed to make best use of increasingly limited space of modern furnishing. They can be folding or sliding, internal or external of the wall and they preserve the concept of solidity and care taken in all other collections.


The doors of this collection emphasize the wood as material and can be combined with wood flooring as they are coated by the same blade that make it up.


The doors of this collection present different and current models with excellent esthetic results at a low cost.

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